Our history

From the late 18th century, there are records of the wine activity carried out at the manor house of the Feliu family in Porreres. In 1790, wine started to be produced at the celler (cellar) located in the vaulted underground room of the building situated in calle de’n Feliu of the town.

The celler, as many others which have been disappearing over the last century, is built under sandstone vaults that are supported by slender columns made of the same material, with rammed earth walls, trace of a painstaking manual cellar. Such a construction provides an almost ecclesiastical look to the environment, even more so when the family chapel and the library rest thereon.


The botas congrenyades, large barrels generally made of holm oak (Quercus ilex, a local variety of oak) which were assembled inside the very own cellar, lined up throughout the walls, maximizing the space and offering an impressive look to visitors.

Until the late 19th century, the production of wine using grapes from the vineyards of the family estates of Son Dagueta, Son Drago, Son Barbut and neighbouring plots had a consistent continuity, which was thwarted by the phylloxera epidemic that decimated the grape production in the entire island after passing through continental Europe.

Over the following 100 years, the cellar of Ca’n Feliu witnessed the decline of an activity that had made a great contribution to the Majorcan economy in the past, and the resurrection of which seemed complex, even more so when the plots where the vines had been pulled up were then populated, mostly, by almond trees, olive trees and carob trees.

Incidentally, after having completed his studies in Agronomy in Lérida, which he supplemented with 2 years in USA, Carlos Feliu started planting a vine in 1999 in the estate of Son Dagueta, almost as an experiment, which over time turned into what is currently the cellar Bodega Ca’n Feliu, located nowadays in the same estate.

The initial approach, which consisted of a crop extremely friendly with the land and the environment, derived in the environmental certification in 2004 and in the top certification in terms of sustainability of agricultural and environmental processes as well as vinification techniques: the biodynamic International Demeter certification in 2010.

There are currently 18 hectares devoted to the cultivation of vines, with a flowery representation of red and white varieties, both local and international. The production is around 60,000 litres of vine per year and the yield of grape per hectare ranges between 4,500 and 5,000 kg, depending on the variety.

The cultivation of olive trees and other fruit trees is also included in the production unit, as well as an owned livestock farm which enables the production of compost to be used as fertiliser of the crops.

Grapes are exclusively harvested by hand. We only work with local yeast and flora, taking maximum care of the contribution to the environment.

Since it started its activity in 2004, the cellar Bodega Ca’n Feliu has only made certified quality wines:

Vi de la Terra Illes Balears (hasta 2006)

Vi de la Terra de Mallorca

Vino Ecológico: Certificado CBPAE desde 1998

Vino Biodinámico: Certificado DEMETER. Desde 2011