Blanc d’Alens 2016


White wine

Grape variety Chardonnay, Prensal blanc, Sauvignon blanc, Viognier and Malvasía

0.75 l bottle

IMPORTANT: Minimum order 1 box (6 bottles). Please, make sure you always order full boxes.




Protected Geographical Indication IGP Vi de la Terra de Mallorca.




30% Chardonnay: It is a variety that in this area provides citrus aromas, along with hints of fig and tropical fruits. It also adds structure and softness to wines.

30% Prensal blanc: It is a Majorcan local variety of grape. It gives a marked fruit character, good structure and intense aromas to the coupage.

25% Sauvignon blanc: The flavours that are obtained from this variety are sweet and acid at the same time, and its citrus notes give it a remarkable freshness.

10% Viognier: Variety of strong structure. It offers a long finish on the palate. It produces a very perfumed and fruity wine, with aromas of tropical fruits. It also presents some floral essences.

5% Malvasía: It is a fresh and fruity grape, which provides fresh fruit aromas and sweet (honey) and citric hints.


  1. That year the temperatures were somewhat higher than the average, and the rainfall level was also somewhat higher. No remarkable phytosanitary problems. Excellent harvest. Well-balanced grapes offering a marked alcohol-acidity harmony.

Production process(growing and winemaking)

Hand-selected grapes collected in the vineyards of the Son Dagueta farm in Porreres (Majorca).

Grapes are harvested in 15-20-kg boxes so to prevent overpressures and squeezing. They are immediately taken to the cellar, where they are stored in a cold chamber under 5º C for 24-48 hours before the winemaking in order to control the temperature, from the reception until the end of the cycle, and prevent early or uncontrolled fermentation.

Traditional winemaking methods without adding yeast or lactic acid bacteria. Ecological and biodynamic production (according to DEMETER standards). Fermentation and ageing at controlled temperature.

Sensory analysis

Visual: Pale-white.

Nose: On the nose, it is a very aromatic and intense wine that also offers aromas of white and sweet-smelling flowers. Slightly fruity. Hints of citric and tropical fruits.

Palate: A soft and well-balanced wine, gently acidic. Gentle and y voluptuous. Long and refreshing aftertaste.

Serving temperature: 8-10 º.

Pairing and harmony: Ideal for aperitif and vermouth. Perfect to enjoy in spring and summer, with salads, soft rice and pasta. Also, perfect with dessert.


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